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Commissions are on hiatus!


(Heads up: I love doing trades too! So if ya draw and want smth simple, there's your opportunity~)

Due to various concerns, I don't formally set up the commission until I've made a confirmation sketch you approve of. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but I usually get started pretty quickly anyway!
Here's a couple typical rough sketches; (Click the images!)

My artstyle shifts a lot so if you want a specific style, point it out n' i'll try my best! ^w^7
Due to paypal being a shit, I use arty.ooo instead of paypal or kofi! dw, you still can use paypal w/it.

Coulds, Woulds, and Won'ts

Will update as necessary!
I have the right to deny and cancel any commission that crosses any line or has been too difficult.

Would Do:

💙Slime creatures
💙Plushies and plush-adjacent
💙Designing custom species/characters. (Not that I'm good at it, but it's fun!)

Could Do:

(Not good at these, but I'll try!)
✔Non-mammalian species
✔Humans (I don't draw em but if you REALLY want...)

Won't Do:

✖NSFW (Don't push about it!)
✖Kinks/Fetishes (Yes I can usually tell >.>)
✖Fandom/shipping content (fandom species like pokemon, you can ask)
✖Political content (Pride stuff isn't 'political'.)

Pricing Options

Additional Charges

I default to fullbodies, but if you specifically want just bust or headshot, I will discount accordingly!
Additional characters in pictures: +$5 Small/Partial, +$10 fullbody.
Designing/drawing character without image reference: +$5 (May remove if it's simple)

Just the Lines: $15

Flat Colors:$20

Shaded: +$5 to specify

I'll likely add shadows of my own choice for free, but if you want me to use a specific one, that's a $5 addition.
The following images will contain a list of examples, so make sure to scroll!

Backgrounds: +$5 Local BG, +$15 Full Scene

A local background, which is just props, furniture, or some background around/behind the character, is an additional $5.
A full scene background, on the other hand, has an elaborate environment the character happens to be in, and as such will cost an additional $15.

Reference Sheet: $25

By reference sheet, I mean it will have drawn details elaborating on the character, such as accessories, markings, optional additions, and the like. If you're looking for drawing just the character with some basic information written on the side, go for a regular fullbody!
Please, PLEASE plan how you want the reference first! List all the things you'd potentially want on it ahead of time.

Haven't made an "example" reference yet, so here's a few I've done! (click and scroll)

If the stamp says commissions are open, you can click it to submit a form!