About the Site

Not gonna lie, this is mainly just to be my homepage for various interests. Nothing fancy planned yet.
I plan to put a lot of hidden content though, so keep an eye out for clickable images~ ;3c

About the Person

Call me Blue! ^w^7 Sky or Saudo are fine too! I use She/Her and Ey/Em pronouns~
I have ADHD and deal with chronic brain fog so be patient with me when I have difficulty communicating at times. ;w; I'm also deaf so I'd likely ask for transcriptions on vids you send me;
I'm an adult, but I prefer to keep my art, characters, and involvement strictly SFW.


Q: So what's the deal with this site? A: We're bringing back the 2000's baby! Individuality! Freedom of expression! Being able to customize your experience! ...I miss Web 1.0, so when people started a movement I just had to join in~ (I'm late because I suck at HTML ok)

Q: You listen to music? But I thought you're deaf? A: I actually get this question a lot! Thing is, 100% true deafness is pretty rare. More often than not it's like your hearing is stuck on 10% volume, so most thing's too quiet to hear. Most deaf ppl can improve their hearing with headphones or hearing aids, so I use strong headphones (and having a program that can go to 150%) to listen to music. :D
I still can't understand speech well tho :C

Q: Why do you inject the same CSS in every HTML? A: Neocities won't let me save or even import the CSS file ok? orz Every time I try to upload one, Neocities wipes it with a default CSS >A>